Our Commitment to Creativity

What happened to being a creative? We didn't choose this path because we want it, but it's the only life we know how to live. Great creative ideas can transform things, make people laugh, cry, and change the world. We want to live in a world with a future where creativity exists aside from it being a job title or a scope of work function. Because to be creative is to be human. It's what built great towers that stand tall and portraits of art that can bring the world together. Just between us here, let's commit to a future of creativity.

Our Clients are Partners

Clients may be "Client" on paper, but we always approach the people we've met, know and love, as our partners. This is because through experience, great partnerships collaborate together with trust, care and respect for one another. We believe that through every project or longterm engagement, we're signed up as partners, not transactions. Our partners are experts of their business, we're here to help support their creative endeavours.

Working with Good Company

Work is not just work anymore in the 21st century. The work we do is our passion and the life we choose as a collective. We engage in deals with great people to surround ourselves in good company in the day to day operations. The people we choose to work with understands the inherit nature of problem solving and building new things. While we do follow a systematic process to help guide us in every project, great company understands that brilliant outcomes comes from trust, communication and a collaborative effort.

Shared Investments

We make strategic investments with the good companies we come across. Whether it's in time, resource or capital commitments, the investment we make are a reflection of the great people, missions and ideas we believe in. We often offer advice and council to the great people who are seeking for direction. So book a chat with us because our doors are always open for conversations.


Great company talk to each other, often. As our collective support multiple stakeholders and partners along the way, we believe that it's important to be transparent, discuss strategic intentions and align with all parties involved. The nature of our work is inherently strategic, so the results of our service is a direct reflection of mutual understandings and trust in the process.

Simple Agreements

We don't spend much time on legalese, nor do we want to dwell too much resource in detailing every article of clauses. For every substantial project we take on, we execute simple agreements with terms that are clear and covers our service substance with simple termination clauses that offer flexibility and bond responsibility for all parties. Additionally within today's digital world, we understand and will substantiate agreements via email as sufficient to bind according to the provincial jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada's Electronic Commerce Act.

Protecting Interests

As a collective company, the clients we service come second. Our own collective business comes first. It's a simple concept that not many vendors will communicate upfront but we believe that great work can only come when we have our own house in order. This means, aside from our client's priorities, our solvency, prior contractual obligations, strategic investments, non-disclosures and liabilities comes first. Please contact us for any information disclosures of concern for the relevance of your project.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Service Philosophy, please contact us by email at hello@thespacehotel.ca